Pullip Customizing Tips-The Pullip Clone, Angelgate


Making your first custom Pullip doll can be an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. It is important to do your research before attempting to customize your doll.

As an alternative to customizing an actual Pullip, there are Pullip clone heads available for sale on ebay. These Pullip clone heads are from China and are called “Angelgate” dolls. These doll heads a very similar to Pullip heads. It is hard to tell the difference between the two types of heads. 

However, because Angelgate heads are clones of Pullip, they differ from actual Pullip heads.

For one, the Angelgate heads do not have an eye mechanism. They are completely hollow. They do, however, have an indent in which eyelids can be placed. The eyelids can be closed so that it looks like the doll is closing its eyes. Because there is no eye mechanism, Angelgate dolls use glass eyes (in size 22 or 24 mm) just like Ball Jointed Dolls do. The eyes need to be attached using bjd eye putty.

Another difference is the color of their face. Angelgates tend to be more of a yellowish color than most Pullips. Like Pullip heads, Angelgate heads can be put on an Obitsu body. That being said, Angelgate heads match best with Obitsu white skin. However, the color is still a little off as they are more yellow than the obitsu white skin body. They do not match the body as well as Pullip dolls do.

The holes that hold the screws in the back of the head are also deeper in the Angelgate heads. The screws that are provided with the head are long enough to hold the head together, though.

Angelgates are great to use as practice for customizing, And because they are cheaper than complete Pullip dolls (only $35 for the head as opposed to $60+ for the full doll), they are safer to make mistakes on.

plThe doll pictured above is Minka. She is a custom Angelgate doll. Her face-up was done in acrylic paints and colored pencil.

Most websites recommend spraying Mr. Super Clear before drawing the face-up. However, this isn’t always necessary. This only needs to be done if pastels are going to be used in the face-up. If the face-up is only going to be done in acrylic paints or colored pencil, then a layer of MSC before doing the face-up is not necessary.

However, it is necessary to spray a few layers of MSC after the face-up is drawn. 3-4 layers should suffice. It is important not to skimp on the MSC…if there isn’t enough MSC to seal the face-up, then the face-up will rub off easily, and it will need to be redone.

Minka’s eye liner and eyelashes were done using acrylic paints. Her eyeshadow was done using the same medium.

Her lips were also painted using acrylic paints. After painting the lips, they can be glossed. The gloss used in Minka’s face-up is called acrylic gloss, which can be purchased at any arts and crafts store. The gloss is applied after MSC is sprayed to seal the face-up.

Her eyebrows were done in colored pencil. Colored pencil allows the artist to have greater control. Therefore, they are ideal for drawing the delicate lines of the eyebrows.

She was blushed using red pastel. It is important to blush lightly, otherwise, the doll may end up looking clown-ish.

Mistakes that occur during customization can be sanded off or they can even be erased. Both acrylic paints and colored pencils can be erased off of the plastic after they are applied.

*~Good luck and happy customizing!~*


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